Golden travertine, which is the symbol of returning to the natural, is the choice of those who are bored with gaudy decoration and want to see nature as it is with all its beauties. The much-loved natural texture of travertine gains a different dimension in rustic scabas travertine. Golden travertine, which also has light gray and yellow color transitions, takes us on a peaceful journey in the lap of nature, adding peace and calmness, away from today’s chaos and hustle and bustle.

Apart from Standard Sizes, we produce in special sizes for you.

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We reflect the purity of nature to your living spaces with golden travertines, which are extracted from Denizli travertine quarries, one of the distinguished quarries of our country, and processed in the Denizli factory.

In our factory, where we provide project-based and personalized service. According to the demand, which is the standard plate thickness, production is also carried out in different thicknesses such as 1 cm, 1.2 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm. Product sizing is made in mixed sizes, completely tailored to the person and the project, apart from the standard dimensions such as 15,2×15,2 , 15,2×30,5 , 20,3×20,3 , 20,3×40,6 , 30,5×30,5 , 30,5×61 , 40,6×40,6  40,6×61 , 61×61  , 61×91,5 cm. Hisarlı Marble continues its activities without leaving the right product, right manufacturing principle, without any limits in service; It provides development by taking into account the increasing demands day by day.

Usage areas
In home decoration, it offers productions such as countertops, sinks and basins to its customers with different designs and a wide natural stone alternative.

Standard Thickness Dimensions:
Standard plate thicknesses are 1.2 cm, 2 cm and 3 cm. However, our Factory can produce in different thicknesses and different sizes such as 1cm, 1.2cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, 3cm according to the project requirements.

Standard product dimensions (metric units):
15,2×15,2 , 15,2×30,5 , 20,3×20,3 , 20,3×40,6 , 30,5×30,5 , 30,5×61 , 40,6×40,6  40,6×61 , 61×61  , 61×91,5 cm.

Considering the material hardness and usage, it recommends the appropriate thicknesses and dimensions. Please consult us about the workable sizes for the colors you like.

Our product, which is used as floor covering and wall covering, can also be reflected in our living spaces with its decorative feature, with split face stone or polished mosaic versions. Travertine polished mosaics, which can be combined with either one color or different colors, will add color to the walls of your home.

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