Mine Quarry - Hisarlı Mermer Traverten - Türkiyenin Traverten Markası

Mine Quarry

The magic of natural stone..


Our quarry is in the travertine deposits in Denizli/ Ballık Boğaz. In this quarry, an annual  average of 30000 m3 or 81000 tons of blocks is produced. We have a production industry of 450000 m2 on an annual basis of which 8500 m2 is closed and 18500 m2 open from a total area of 27000 m2.

Natural & Aesthetic

Travertine looks different in every part thanks to its natural texture. Therefore, even the travertine parts used in the same structure exhibit a different appearance from each other. Its natural texture also contributes to the durability of the travertine. Due to the compression and solidification of the mineral deposits from which it is made, travertine has a rather hard structure, which ensures the longevity of the travertine.