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Natural Travertine from Nature to Life

Hisarlı Traverten

Amacımız doğal taşların güzelliğini, dayanıklılığını ve sürdürülebilirliğini en yüksek kalitede ürünlere dönüştürmek ve müşterilerimize sunmaktır.

We have an industrial production of 600,000 m2 on an annual basis including 8500 m2 closed and 18500 m2 open on a total area of 27000 m2. With this adventage , we produce qualified travertine for natural flooring and facade coverings for museums, historic living spaces, tourist facilities and residential buildings in the natural habitat.

Our goal is to Project to the future while paying attention to the past as it is well said in our slogan: ‘Natural aging from nature to life’ . We give importance to nature during our production.

Natural& Aesthetic

Travertine looks different in every part thanks to its natural texture. Therefore, even the travertine parts used in the same structure exhibit a different appearance from each other. Its natural texture also contributes to the durability of the travertine. Due to the compression and solidification of the mineral deposits from which it is made, travertine has a rather hard structure, which ensures the longevity of the travertine.